Tomáš Michalek

Expert Collaborator

At Slovak Academy of Sciences, Tomáš deals mostly with the concepts of sociology of science, such as technology assessment, science & technology studies, responsible research & innovation, public engagement, and foresight – all of which long for knowledge-based policy-making by engaging citizens, policymakers and stakeholders in joint communication processes.

Among other things, in 2012-2015, while working for the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, he was investigator in the EU project PACITA (Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment), within which he helped connecting citizens, stakeholders and policymakers in working on several topics, such as public health genomics (future panel), ageing society (scenario building) and sustainable consumption (Europe Wide Views).

In 2015-2018, as project manager of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, he was the principal investigator for Slovakia in the EU project CIMULACT (Citizens and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020), which dealt with the involvement of citizens in research agenda setting. Since 2016, he has been responsible for the Science meets Parliaments event in Slovakia, within which he has facilitated several expert panels in the Slovak Parliament.

Similarly, since 2017, he has facilitated citizen consultations in Slovakia for the Human Brain Project, EU Climate Adaptation Mission, ACT4ECO and Robotics4EU. Furthermore, in 2019, Tomáš received a Tokyo-Foundation-for-Policy-Research Fellowship (SYLFF) at Stanford University and at University of Auckland. He is board member of the Europe’s People’s Forum and regular collaborator of the Danish Board of Technology Foundation.