The European Union concerns us

Bratislava, 26.4.2023

“We took part in a panel discussion – The European Union in the context of contemporary challenges – organised by the European Parliament Office in Slovakia in cooperation with the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University. The discussion is part of a series of discussions aimed at bringing the EU and its different policy areas closer to the citizens of Slovakia. The discussion focused on the EU enlargement policy. In addition, the discussion focused on the problem of disinformation campaigns in Slovakia in the context of the contemporary challenges. The panel discussion focused on the need to speed up the EU enlargement process, including the need for a treaty reform. Martin Fedor pointed out that if the Western Balkans are not integrated into the EU, it will be a space for the great power appetites of non-European state actors, in particular Russia and China. Discussants also agreed on the need for effective action against the disinformation that is disrupting our societies, as illustrated by the example of Brexit.